The Covisian Group will have a turnover of 300 million euros generated by more than 14,000 workers in twelve countries and two continents.In partnership with Aksìa the Covisian Group has grown from €30 m to €300 m turnover in 3 years.

This operation is part of the strategy of the Italian group that aims to guarantee its clients, also at an International level, excellent management services and improve the competitive advantages it generates with innovative technological solutions and its own know-how developed by Covisian throughout of the years.

Madrid, February 25, 2019. Covisian, Italian leader in outsourcing services for business processes and innovative contact center solutions, controlled by the Aksìa Capital IV Fund, announces that it has completed the integration of the GSS Group.

GSS is a consolidated Spanish company with solid experience in a full range of client management services present in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Zaragoza, La Coruña, Badajoz) in the seven main countries of Latin America and in United States, with around 7,700 people, who interact daily with clients of the leading companies in a wide range of sectors.

With GSS, the Covisian Group will have a turnover of 300 million euros generated by more than 14,000 people in 2 continents and 12 countries. The Group provides services to the main companies in the areas of financial services, insurance, energy, digital, retail, media and TLC.

Covisian is known by its ability to offer services with a high level of innovation, capable of improving customer management models and generating continuous improvement of the customer experience.

The Group has been investing for years in the development and improvement of ‘Sparta’, a system and a patented operating model that, thanks to sophisticated planning algorithms, allows to maximize efficiency and quality, achieving excellence in the services offered.

This technology has evolved and today, together with ‘Sparta’, “Sparta AI” was born, the solution that allows Covisian to offer its customers new partnership models based on artificial intelligence and long-term value generation.

The offer of Covisian’s innovative services is complemented by digital interaction and development solutions for Vivocha customers, which make it possible to communicate and collaborate with current and potential customers on all channels and devices; hybrid services for the generation and conversion of digital + human leads; and the customer management school of Covisian Customer Management Academy, in collaboration with the MIP of the Polytechnic of Milan.

“The main objective of this operation is to offer our multinational clients the quality of our services and our experience in the different countries in which they operate,” declares Covisian CEO Antonio Turroni.“Now we will quickly integrate the GSS experience with proprietary systems and organizational solutions developed by Covisian over the years, already proven in the numerous acquisitions in Italy, which allows us to be leaders in quality and value generation.”

“This integration in the Covisian group allows us to make a great leap in innovation and further improve the management of our clients, as well as increasing our global presence.” adds GSS CEO César López Pérez.

“We are evaluating other acquisitions, especially at an international level, and not only in the BPO field in the strict sense. For years, Covisian has invested in innovation and the development of patented tools and methodologies that today, in many aspects, are unique. We believe that this first international operation is the first important step to make the most of these investments and the competitive advantages they allow.” says Marco Rayneri, Partner at Aksìa.

In the integration operation Covisian has had the support of Garrigues Madrid, Accinni Cartolano and Associati di Milano and De Luca & Partners of Milano, and EY TAS in Italy and Spain.

The operation has been financed by a pool of banks composed of Crédit Agricole, BNL — BNB Paribas Group and Banco BPM.

Grupo GSS has had the support of Clairfield Internacional and Lincoln Internacional, as well as EY TAS Spain and the Simmons & Simmons legal buffet.