On the April issue of FORTUNE ITALIA, the interview to Gabriele Moretti Founder & Chairman of the Covisian Group.

Digital transformation has changed the way to deal with customers, the pandemic has radically modified customers’ habits and because of it the sectors’ dynamics and the different ways to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage have been redesigned. In this new scenario, customer experience has gained importance, following the lead of omnichannel and phygital, assuring a safe and fluid involvement of the consumer and obtaining a unique and distinctive client service.

We talked about it with Gabriele Moretti, Covisian S.p.A. founder and chairman, one of the most important Italian players in business process outsourcing and customer experience management services, a big international reality with an offering line in different sectors, from insurance to banking, from the big organized distribution to utilities, from industry to public administration.

Covisian was founded in 1996 in Turin, Italy, and it offers 38 offices between Italy, Spain, and Latin America, more than 23.000 employees, and different teams made of experts with various and different skills, from advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to data analysis and knowledge of business processes and customer experience management. With an annual revenue of more than 400 million euros, Covisian can support companies in every phase of the customer journey, integrating different touchpoints, balancing digital and traditional channels with a tactical and strategic approach, thanks to the skills gained in 20 years of experience.

About Bpo, Moretti said: “It is a constant evolving sector: since 1996, we have been keeping reinventing processes and technologies to deal with new and more sophisticated needs of our customers. If we talk about challenges, it is necessary to differentiate strategies on different markets: in Italy we are seeing the sectors’ big players having great difficulties, due to short-sighted industrial choices and not enough investments. Our current dimension and choices, that were made in the past, allow us to keep getting new customers that, instead of being interested on cutting costs, are more interested on finding new technological and innovative solutions, that together with the value of our employees, allow us to satisfy the new needs of consumers”.

“In Spain and Latin America, where the market is bigger but less evolved”, Moretti explains, “we are having a big success in exporting our models and the technologies we have developed. Today we are focusing on two big challenges, apparently antithetical: a humanistic one, oriented on valorizing people, and a technological one, oriented to the choice of the innovations that can best give value to our customers. The customers’ experience can be improved by finding the right combination between technologies that make processes efficient and the human factor that makes it unique and enriches its content. The relationship with the client must maintain that element of empathy that no artificial intelligence algorithm can offer. In fact, in the digital age and in the millennial consumers age, the challenge of customer care cannot be solved with chatbots and artificial intelligence only”.

Moretti claims that, first, it is necessary to maintain a high quality of human capital: the changes that are taking place in the market and the progressive evolution of technologies, require people to raise the level of competence to seize the opportunities offered by technologies, to be able to manage and govern an increasingly complex ecosystem of relations with the market.

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