The Spanish and Nubii were the other finalists among the 14

  • The GSS Covisian Group’s initiative seeks the best Customer Management and CRM solutions to respond to new market needs
  • After passing through Italy and Spain , the program is now heading to Latin America

GSS Covisian Group, leader in Spain and LatAm in business process outsourcing services and innovative contact center solutions, has launched the “Accelerating Innovation. Make No Little Plans (MNLP) ”, a pioneering initiative aimed at capturing and facilitating the acceleration of the most innovative technology startups in customer management and UX solutions for the European and LatAm markets.

At the event, which closes the last phase of the initiative in Spain -after its passage through Italy last year and its next arrival in Latin America-, it got disclosed the three finalist startups out of a total of 14 entrepreneurial proposals preselected in the field of Customer Management and CRM, which implies innovative solutions that use Artificial Intelligence, data analysis, RPA, security, voice recognition and other innovative digital tools and utilities.

César López, CEO of GSS Grupo Covisian for Iberia and Latin America, explained that “the pillar of innovation has been fundamental for the development of our group, so this initiative is part of that philosophy of generating ecosystems among our clients, our own needs and complementary companies that propose innovative solutions to meet the new needs that are emerging in the digital environment and that, furthermore, are changing at great speed ”.

In its decision the jury has taken into account the contribution to the improvement and digital maturity of the winner, AppQuality, a startup that applies technological innovation to build a memorable user experience from the power of the crowd, detecting problems in the “ready to go to market products”. The winning proposal contributes to the digital maturity of the projects and products by providing utilities for UX Research, the improvement of cybersecurity or the detection of market insights to guide digital transformation and customer engagement, offering valuable information in real time. or in a few hours and tools to explore, build, test and validate ‘go to market’ strategies.

Erudit.ia and Nubii, the other two finalists, apply AI and gamification to improve processes and the user experience both in remote work and in other environments such as education, ecommerce and events.

GSS Covisian Group offers the winning startup to promote the commercialization of its technology through a fast track of support that includes the identification of a reference market and a target customer, as well as support in the implementation and the possibility of using Covisian facilities.

Entrepreneurs from Europe and LatAm

Among those shortlisted for this first edition in Spain of ‘Accelerating Innovation, MNLP’ were startups from Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, with innovative proposals to improve and optimize relationships with clients and user experience in different environments, demands, in any case, predominant in the digital universe.

In this sense, Miguel Ángel Neira, commercial director of GSS Covisian Group, underlined at the event that “technology and human capacity allow us to do more together than we can do separately“. In this context, Neira explained some of the latest developments offered by GSS Covisian Group such as Sparta AI, a tool to improve the interaction between customer and company that uses stored information, analyzes and provides reinforcement actions to improve the indicators of interaction with the customer, “although the final decision to improve the process is made by the agent, not the technology. This combination allows us to improve the customer experience, reduce incidents and guarantee excellent interaction between both parties, ” said Neira.

The process to create a list of candidates for the final selection has been based on the profiles of each startup, as well as interviews, demos, simulations and visits to companies in order to identify the best proposal based on its potential impact in terms of improvement of the quality and efficiency of the service, in addition to its value propositions for the industry, among other factors. The GSS Covisian Group program will also monitor the implementation and its real impact on the market to give visibility to the results.

Committee of experts

In the pre-selection phase of this first ‘Accelerating Innovation’ in Spain, independent experts have participated together with investors in technology, accelerators, incubators and the network of clients of GSS Grupo Covisian, among which are large companies that, in addition, They are potential investors or clients for the implementation of the proposals presented.

Among the members of the jury who finally chose the winning project are professionals from the main banking, insurance, utilities, ecommerce, telco and retail companies operating in Spain, with a highly innovative DNA and who contribute to the digital transformation of the Customer sector Management.

In the event in which the winning startup of this 1st edition of ‘Accelerating Innovation’ in Spain was announced, some of them participated as speakers, such as Itziar Riestra, Director of Insurance Banking, Payment Methods and Contact Center at EVO BANCO; Sonia Quibus, Director of Regulatory Compliance at Banc Sabadell; Montserrat Vega, Senior Territory Manager Iberia SMB of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Gianluca Rosania, Principal of