From the 20th to the 21st of September, the Italian Insurtech Association hosted a 2-day event dedicated to digital innovation in the Italian insurance industry and the scenarios that the Insurtech ecosystem faces. The second day ended with the assignment of the Italian Insurtech Awards for the 16 best insurtech projects of 2021, selected from over 200 nominations.

Quixa, company of the insurance group AXA Italy, received the award in the category “most effective Web Services” thanks to the project Quixa chatBOT developed in collaboration with Vivocha, technological company part of Covisian Group, and Digitiamo – start-up winner of Covisian’s acceleration program Make No Little Plans.

The collaboration between Vivocha and Quixa, which has continued since 2014, was enriched in 2020 thanks to an additional piece: Digitiamo’s AIKnowYou technology. This synergy made it possible to optimize and automate the interaction with the customers via chat: a careful analysis of the transcripts and the identification of the topics allowed the artificial intelligence to learn new information from conversations with customers. Finally, the project was successful because the ChatBot system was integrated with an increasingly efficient customer experience aimed at improving online use.

The recognition obtained by Quixa once again highlights the importance of open innovation in the customer management sector, where mutual support and collaboration between cutting-edge companies leads to the development of innovative and winning solutions.

To learn more details of the project, it is possible to listen to the complete recording of the webinar with the participation of Pamela Perego, Head of Operations Excellence and IT in Quixa, and Mirko Puliafito, CEO of Digitiamo.