Change at the top of the Covisian Group: at the top the founder Gabriele Moretti

Covisian Group, an international leader in outsourcing services and innovative customer care solutions, appoints Mr. Gabriele Moretti as the new Executive Chairman of Covisian S.p.A.

Milan, 9 February 2022 At the shareholders’ meeting held last December on the 28th, Gabriele Moretti was appointed as the new Executive Chairman of Covisian S.p.A. The company, founded by Moretti in 1998, opened in 2015 the capital to the private equity fund Aksìa Group SGR. During the past seven years, the project of growth and internationalization, carried out through more than ten acquisitions, has brought the Group at the top of the sector in Italy and made it the undisputed leader in Spain and Latin America as well.

“After seven years of acquisitions and growth that have brought us to over 23,000 employees in seven countries, I believe it is right to focus on consolidating our culture and technologies, to prepare ourselves for the next dimensional leap.

So we have two challenges to face: one entirely humanistic, defending the human value of our employees against new technologies based on artificial intelligence (hence our claim launched in 2017 “Moreover not instead”); and the other, deeply technological, which concerns the strengthening of our proprietary platforms, in order to offer outstanding results to all our customers engaged in digital transformation. ‘Effective innovation’ is the strategic trajectory that will accompany us in the upcoming years”.

I would like to thank Marco Rayneri of the Aksia fund, who enabled this growth through acquisitions and who continues to support me in this phase, and outgoing Group CEO Antonio Turroni, who has excellently managed the company in recent years, positioning it among the undisputed leaders in the market.” This is Moretti’s comment on his recent appointment.

The appointment of Gabriele Moretti as Executive Chairman of Covisian S.p.A., as a sign of business continuity, is also accompanied by the appointment of Stefano Dessì, former General Manager of Country Italy, in the role of Group COO andCésar López in the role Head of Strategic Development & Chairman GSS.