Vivocha‘s (company belonging to Covisian Group) innovative projects with Quixa and Banca Intesa Sanpaolo ISBD were awarded with two prizes at the CMMC convention.

CMMC is an initiative in Italy that, since 1997, brings together companies that deal with relationships and experience with customers through multimedia channels and facilitates the benchmark between the managers who operate along the supply chain, enhancing their professionalism.

The main focus of the CMMC event is to share and give credit to the companies that are able to create innovative projects in order to improve customer experience and employee experience.

During the live event two of Vivocha’s most innovative and renowned projects were applauded by the committee that evaluated all the proposals submitted, one developed with Quixa and one with Banca Intesa Sanpaolo.

The project developed with Quixa received the award for best solution in the Artificial Intelligence category against: TIM and Enel, represented respectively by: Massimo Coluzzi, Head of Digital Services & Innovation, and Simone Mastracci, Product Owner. This is not the first award for this innovative project, a few weeks ago it was awarded at the Italian Insurtech Summit for Most Effective Web Service (click here to read more).

Vivocha was also awarded for another innovative project in the digital customer service category. In this case, it was related to the seamless digital onboarding experience developed for Banca Intesa Sanpaolo ISBD that came in second place.

This service is characterized by the opportunity to complete online the process for certain products, for example a new credit card, and reduce to the minimum the number of in person encounters for services such as a mortgage request. This process is possible thanks to the integration of Vivocha’s omnichannel technology that allows brands’ representatives to communicate via phone, chat video and messaging apps with their clients. During these interactions they can save all the information about the communication with their clients, see their history, share documents and guide them through a personalized experience. In this specific case, it is possible to almost fully complete the mortgage process online also thanks to the integration of Infocert’s technology that allows to video identify the client.

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