Milan January 19th 2022. Covisian Credit Management among the Italian excellences at the 6th edition of Credit Management & Collection Awards.

Credit Management & Collection Awards is the annual event that awards companies, managers and professionals in the fields of Commercial Information, Credit Management, Credit Management and Protection, Private Credit Investigations.

Now at its 6th edition, with a new scientific committee composed of professionals in the academic, financial, entrepreneurial and legal fields, has established for each sector the four excellences that will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Credit Management and Protection of Agency for the PA
  • B2B Credit Management and Protection Agency
  • NPL Credit Management and Protection Agency
  • Credit Management and Protection Agency for the financial sector
  • Credit Management and Protection Agency for the leasing sector
  • Credit Management and Protection Agency for the utility and telecommunications sector
  • Private Credit Investigations Award
  • Commercial Information Award
  • Innovation Award

The candidature of Covisian Credit Management among the finalists of the contest confirms once again the commitment of the company to positioning itself as an independent Servicer of excellence and strategic Partner for all the major undisputed Players in the credit management market by leveraging the skills of its people, technologies, automation and process engineering.

The model of the group aims at the development of new competencies of the staff, in qualitative terms, on planning and continuous learning, also in relation to a new production model combining a strong innovative boost that drives the change to win the challenges of the market.The added value comes from the synergy between a modular structure with highly specialised teams, data analysis tools, cutting-edge technology infrastructure, collection strategies for each cluster, specific workflows from engagement to position definition and monitoring tools.

In addition, this year the company has developed a platform that allows to manage all digital touch points, which provides the customer with a consultative experience and advanced communication methods, with the aim of increasing contactability, ‘listening skills’ and collaboration, drawing even more value from each interaction. 

All we have to do is wait for the closing gala, on the 9th of March 2022, where the most virtuous companies will be awarded.