Covisian Group opens up a library in Milano to promote the cultural and personal enrichment of employees.

The library, built and managed in collaboration with CSBNO, currently has more than 800 copies chosen after a careful interests’ evaluation of the collaborators of Covisian Group.

The objective of this project is to exceed 2,000 works, to offer an option as close as possible to the needs of its workers, once their needs have been analyzed and interpreted, including titles related to administration and business culture, personal development, mindfulness , etc.

This initiative is part of the Covisian Spaces project, which works on the redefinition of spaces as a fundamental axis to achieve key objectives such as relaxation, interaction and the development of skills and knowledge. Within the constant effort of Covisian Group to do BPO in a different way, they have found a way to inspire change through innovative spaces, designed to encourage coworking and teamwork.

The new library is an initiative that responds in the same way to the constant focus of Covisian Group on employee satisfaction, through culture, and also through training. The cultural aspect has also been supported through internal poetry competitions, with the collaboration of relevant authors such as the Italian Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori, where many of our collaborators have shown their talent and who have had the pleasure of collecting an award from the poet’s hand.

The training part is supported first-hand through its own Covisian Academy, which offers specialized training programs in Customer Management externally and internally, in conjunction with the Polytechnic of Milan (MIP).

Covisian Group will continue in the coming months with the initiative of cultural and training enrichment in its new headquarters in Spain and Peru. Covisian Group is sure that to reinvent the BPO sector, companies have to invest in people, and enhance their talent.