The Milano Digital Week is an initiative promoted by the Milano Townhall geared to show the city as a platform or organizational element which is nurtured by the intelligence and forces of the integration of the individual forces. 

Integrated as part of this exciting project, Covisian opened up the doors of its Spaces to welcome visitors to appreciate the essential benefits of its headquarters in Valtorta. Additionally, Covisian shared with some of its partners some of its newest developments. 

With the title of “Reinventing BPO: The Digital Revolution in Customer Management”, some key opinion leaders shared their insights on customer management, such as Professore Carlo Alberto Carnevale- Maffè who spoke about a new organizational model in customer management.

Viven Christel Vella (Web Marketing Specialist & Digital PR ad DHL Express Italy) together with Fabiano Pinto (Head of Digital Customer Innovation at Covisian) also shared with the audience the benefits of an integrated funnel in e-commerce, unifying the digital engagement to the conversion. 

Maurice Lisi (Head of Multichannel and Customer Experience S/D at Intesa SanPaolo shared the benefits of adopting an omnichannel strategy in customer care, together with Gianluca Ferranti (CEO at Vivocha). 

Marco Narduzzi (Head of Customer Operations Consumer & Small Business at Fastweb)talked about  the importance of the right metrics for enhancement of the operational control in the telco sector. Andrea Fileccia (Head of Innovation at Covisian) participated together with Marco to highlight the benefits of going from traditional metrics to value oriented metrics. 

Marco Barone (Director of Customer Care Comercial at Sky Italia) shared, together with Carlo Rosini (Head of Market and Deputy General Manager) the benefits of The Covisian Academy and its relevance to drive the market into creating competences and implementing innovation in customer care.

The session concluded with the intervention of Giuliano Noci, full professor of Strategy and Marketing at MIP Politecnico di Milano, partner with Covisian for The Academy.