Covisian Credit Management

The Business Unit that arises from the synergy of CSS and RBS, reinforced by the integration into the Covisian Group

- Vision & Model

Covisian Credit Management offers customized and innovative value solutions to reach our Clients’ targets

The vision of the Covisian Group Business Unit focused on debt collection as a phase of the Customer’s life cycle is to “reinvent the credit management” enabling an innovative, more effective and efficient Customer management model.

A management model that combines, on one hand, the specialized skills in the management of the entire credit cycle for all industries and types of credits of CSS and RBS, and on the other hand, the expertise in customer management and cutting-edge technologies of Covisian Group.

- Features

We offer services and design solutions to provide value to Customers

Covisian Credit Management offers a suite of services through which it is possible to identify the most correct strategy and recovery action.

Among the strengths of Covisian Credit Management:

- Data-driven Approach

An advanced analytics laboratory with advanced Data, Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis skills supports and optimizes all activities, increasing recovery performance and favoring a personalized and targeted approach and interaction with each Customer.

- People

A team made up of people with expertise in debt collection and with strong expertise in innovation.

- Sparta AI

Proprietary system that optimizes the management of Operations in real time, guaranteeing our Clients’ operational excellence.

- Market presence

Presence in high value markets:

- Technology

Cutting-edge technologies support our recovery strategies and actions

Covisian Credit Management is equipped with:

  • Corporate CRM owner who organizes and optimizes the collection activity by tracing all actions.
  • Contact Management System that manages all the contact channels, optimizing the collection activities, improving the quality perceived by the Customers, with predictive and call recording features.
  • Databrain and IQ software: support the definition of processing priority through the acquisition of information from public databases.
  • Business Intelligence platform: focused on data reorganization, process and performance analysis.

— Services

A suite of services for complete, effective and innovative credit management

Choosing Covisian Credit Management as a Partner means achieving the following objectives together:

  • Increasing recovery performance through the support of predictive analysis to define strategies and the best interaction with customers.
  • Reduce the recovery timeline.
  • Reduce the churn rate through an optimal approach with the client.

Covisian Credit Management services make it possible to cover the entire credit life cycle through out-of-court solutions with the mixed intervention of telephone and home consultants specialized by market, product and aging.

Solutions, strategies and actions are supported and optimized by the advanced Predictive Analysis skills of our Data Scientist and AI Team

Phone Collection

Specialized teams supported by credit analytics tools, able to enhance redemption.

Home Collection

A network of home consultants throughout the national territory, supported by infomobility systems.

NPL (non performing loans)

The strategies and management models applied show important results on the value of credit recovered.

Litigations & legal

The competences in the management of the legal pre-litigation, complete the offer portfolio.

— Results

The Covisian Credit Management is a solid partner:


Credits Assigned 2018


Practices Managed 2018


Credits Defined 2018


Revenues (expected forecast 2019)
— Quality & Compliance

Covisian Credit Management has a system that verifies the correct management of the positions assigned

— Good praxis

All collection activities are carried out in full compliance with the "Code of Conduct for credit management and protection processes" implemented from Forum Unirec-Consumers.

— Privacy and Anti-Money Laundering

The CCM operates in full compliance with the Privacy and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and all the companies of the Group are managed according to the Organizational Model envisaged by Legislative Decree 231/2001.

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