The CEO of GSS Covisian Group highlighted the importance of innovating and calling on professionals to be trained to move the country forward.

GSS Covisian Group, a leading company in Spain and Latin America in innovative contact center solutions, held the digital summit “Peru: because we believe in our country”, where it brought together a set of very relevant speakers to discuss the current situation and highlight the importance of promoting professional growth to boost the Peruvian’s economy.

Lieneke Schol, former Minister of Production; Roque Benavides, president of Compañía de Minas Buenaventura SA and César López, CEO of GSS Covisian Group in Spain and Latin America, spoke about their professional experience in the private sector and proposed alternatives to reactivate the national economy.

“If we work together and support each other, we are going to help the development of our country because we have wonderful people and, from experience, I know it can be done. Innovation is essential for this, ”said Lieneke Schol, former Minister of Production.

On the other hand, Roque Benavides highlighted the importance of taking advantage of the digital age to democratize countries and, with it, be much more inclusive. He also mentioned how vital it is to take advantage of the natural resources that the country offers to reactivate its economy.

The event was organized on the occasion of the launch of the first Covisian Academy executive program called Leading the New Customer Management, which will begin on October 20th. In that sense, the representatives spoke about new skills and cutting-edge technologies that the professionals need to drive the customer management industry toward high-value services.

“We have found ourselves in an environment that has forced us to make decisions that otherwise would not have been made. It is a good opportunity for the country, not only from the point of view of generating business, but also for those population niches that wish to enter the labor market, which could be badly needed in recent months. Peru is positioned among the countries that provide the best service providers for the call center industry and we are convinced that our executive program will serve to drive the management and customer experience sector towards the most advanced services, ”said César López, CEO of GSS Grupo Covisian.

Through this executive program, professionals in CRM (customer relationship management), operations, digital transformation, marketing and digital, who have a relevant role in strategic and operational projects for customer management, will carry out an intelligent use of the consumer information and acquire new skills to adapt to the new challenges of the sector.

For more information about the executive program, visit the following link