From Digital Engagement to Human Conversion

Covisian Digital for the E2E control of the digital funnel

— Model

A successful end-to-end model for Customer Conversion

At Covisian Digital we manage an integrated E2E model which supports the sales of our clients throughout the whole digital funnel from digital awareness to human conversion.

Our strong capabilities in digital marketing together with our expertise in revenue generation allow us to define and manage the right digital strategy which guarantees the generation and conversion of online generated leads.

— Digital Marketing

Definition of digital selling proposition through media strategy with the goal of generating qualified leads that will be converted into sales by our operational sales team. This includes media strategy, planning and buying, landing page design, constant monitoring and optimization of digital campaigns, as well as SEO/SEM affiliation and remarketing strategies.

— Performance campaign optimization

Continued optimization of digital campaigns to acquire new leads by leveraging our technological capabilities and advanced capabilities with the goal of optimizing the investment in Adwords and paid advertising.

— Conversion optimization

Based on our client’s target our teams search to find the most qualified leads, manage them and convert them into sales. Thanks to Covisian’s methodology, we adapt the digital marketing strategies to the predefined target audience in order to generate a qualified contact with a real interest in the product/service offered.

— Integrated Process

The Transformation of a traditional Digital Model

At Covisian Digital we join what is usually managed as two separate worlds into a unique integrated process. The traditional digital context sets two main separate players. Lead generation is focused on marketing campaigns based on media investment according to a budget to acquire leads which are then sent to a second player, usually a separate entity, for conversion.

Covisian’s new integrated model guarantees an accurate measurement of objectives and a real- time and structured reporting and supervision model which allows us to optimize, in real time, the investment in online media according to the feedback that we obtain from the sales performed on those leads. This results in improved ROI on the digital marketing strategies.

— Activities

Covisian Digital core activities:

Covisian’s Digital new digital model allows to manage the whole digital funnel as a single process. A funnel that comprises from lead generation to its conversion. The model is measured real time on a sales performance basis.

— “Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.”

Chris Brogan
— ROI Mesurement

New model based on real time ROI for the full digital funnel

Our differential management model measures the human conversion into sales on a constant manner in order to modify the investment in media according to the performance on results. A model which allows us to show our clients the ROI of their investment on the full digital funnel:

Optimization of budget media based on sales performance.

— Single vision on the funnel: from awareness to conversion.

— Optimization of campaigns and media investment due to direct control of conversion operations.

Real time dashboard with information on the performance of the whole process of acquisition, which allows us to optimize the process real time and on a constant manner.

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