Covisian enters the Metaverse

Covisian is the first company in the BPO sector to enter the Metaverse by providing a customer care service.

— Model

Customized virtual customer care solutions for your Metaverse

Thanks to the solutions offered by Covisian, it will be possible to develop a customer care service in the Metaverse. We offer integrated services from the creation of customized virtual reality solutions: from the“virtual try on” of clothes and accessories, to product visualization for the 3D vision of products inside a store,

offering entertainment but also managing the interaction with customers within a bank or insurance virtual office/branch.

— Create customized environments

Based on the needs and requests of the our customers, we can build dedicated metaverses or customized environments within the "open world" metaverses. We also do an analysis of the customer journey in order to maximize opportunities in the Metaverse, both in terms of brand awareness and enhancement of interactions with end consumers.

— Identification of most suitable Metaverse

We identify the most suitable Metaverses for the client's sector and develop the graphic environments suitable for each Metaverse in line with the client's strategies and objectives.

— Customer care service

Covisian Meta offers, within the virtual environments built for the brand, customer care services and support for the sale of products / services through a virtual operator who will operate directly in the Metaverse. For example, it will be possible to share documents / speak directly with the operator, sign documents with video ID and digital signature and continue the journey on traditional channels (telephone, video, branch), with contact booking.

— Some examples

— Example retail electronics

Inside a 3D store, with the three-dimensional and photorealistic version of the company's main products, it is possible to view them, grab them, interact with the components, such as simulating the capsule loading mechanism inside an espresso coffee machine or place objects on a table and walk around them to assess their visual impact from all angles. The user can also buy the product independently, or rely on a salesman (avatar) who will explain the advantages and direct him to the most suitable product for him.

— Example bank branch/insurance

In the case of banking or insurance companies, Covisian can recreate the office with all the details: desk, telephone, shelves and PC, or reinvent virtual spaces according to the experience sought by the customer. In order to welcome the customer there will be a Covisian avatar who will be able to provide all the information on a specific financial product, answer questions, exchange documents and sign them digitally.

— Example entertainment

In the case of the media sector, Covisian could allow to recreate virtual spaces similar to the real spaces of customers (home, office, ...) in order to simulate the experience through the use of innovative devices, allowing a personal shopper to assist the customer during the choice of products and services that best suit their tastes.

— Example telco

For companies operating in the telecommunications sector, Covisian can recreate an experience that combines the positioning of the brand (e.g. connection speed) with a logic of gamification and rewarding aimed at promotional launches, with the possibility of signing the contract directly with a Covisian agent in the Metaverse.

— Example utilities

For the utility sector, Covisian can recreate an educational experience related to consumption logics and / or environmental impacts. Upon reaching a certain score, the customer will be able to access a series of targeted services / products through direct interaction with a virtual agent.

— Example retail clothing

In the case of a clothing company, Covisian is able to recreate a 3D store with all the characteristics of a real shop: counter, clothes, wardrobes, dressing rooms, all branded. The final customer will be able to try on the selected item or accessory on their avatar for a virtual purchase or for a purchase for the physical product , all supported by a salesperson / avatar who will welcome the customer, respond to requests or anything necessary to successfully conclude the transaction.

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