Sparta AI: from cost to customer value metrics

A technology that allows real-time control on value related metrics for your customer operations

— Technology

Our proprietary platform to manage operations

Sparta AI is a proprietary platform and a working methodology designed to manage every aspects of your customer operations, from planning to real-time control.

Every member of the organisation, from senior management to team leaders, has the ability to plan activities and make adjustments in order to optimize performance.

Sparta AI uses sophisticated algorithms, to measure and control both traditional KPIs as well as advanced KPIs like loyalty, quality, churn, etc.

Real-time performance is available at every level in the Company through several dashboards and a mobile application.

— Repeated Calls

Reducing repeated calls with a price per “unique caller”

We measure the impact of every single contact intervention in real time, observing the effects of the most adequate recall preventive actions.

The goal is to obtain a structural contact reduction and diversion to digital channels and self-caring scenarios.

— Churn

Improving loyalty with a price per “churn reduction”

Sparta AI is able to reduce churn both in the field of prevention and retention. We analyse in real time the impact of churn prevention actions in every contact, while we support our agents in choosing the most effective contact management strategy.

— Quality/NPS

Linking quality to our performance objectives, in a full measurable way

Guiding Customers towards the best customer experience ever, is now possible through Sparta AI.

We guide Customers in solving problems through innovative interaction methods (ex: co-browsing, video collaboration, etc), enabling them to discover all the features of the service they are enjoying, improving the product value perception.

We monitor the effectiveness of every single interaction in real time, directing the agent towards the best caring approach.

Linking the customer experience improvement to the service pricing, generate mutual engagement to achieve the best quality ever.

— “Artificial Intelligence is something that we can harness in order that we can do our jobs better.”

Brian Greene
— Value/ARPU

Increasing ARPU over time is now possible

Our Sparta IA model identifies the best contact execution strategy to support the customer in their purchasing decision process over time.

Effectiveness of the different purchase decision paths is analysed in real-time and provided to the agents, in order to maximize their results.

Our service pricing is no longer related to a sale during the contact, but to the increase of ARPU over time.

— Results

Sparta AI enables improvements in your Customer Profitability

Real and measurable improvement of value are the essence of the Sparta AI model.

Aligning client and BPO partner metrics pushes everyone towards the same goal, allowing to increase performance significantly.


60 days Churn rate


Customer Satisfaction


Recall rate

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