One click away Customer Engagement

Vivocha builds software for better Customer Communication

— Model

Vivocha is the new model for Customer Engagement

Vivocha platform reinvents the digital interaction enabling businesses to seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers right on the website or mobile app, using any combination of video, voice, chat and collaboration tools.

A sophisticated proactive engine optimizes contacts to reduce service cost and avoid redundant calls to the contact center.

— Features

Unique features, endless possibilities

The Vivocha solution provides useful and powerful features in order to deliver a complete and innovative experience to end customers.

Vivocha strengths are, among the others:

— Multichannel assistance

Provide customers support through different channels: live chat, click2call, call-back, video chat, text messaging.

— Human and Virtual assistant

The integration with chatbot technologies allows the virtual agents supporting the human agents by lightening the workload.

— Integration

Vivocha can be seamlessly integrated with key business structures or contact center technologies, using APIs to integrate with any system.

— Proactive engagement

The use of customized rules allows engaging customers at the right time, on the right channel, with the right agent.

— Collaboration tools

Offer dynamic support with visitors, interact and assist them through collaboration tools such as co-browsing, page pushing, form sharing.

— Technology

Innovative technology for the sake of our customers

Vivocha provides a highly sophisticated, scalable and secure environment. The platform is feature rich, easily configurable and totally customizable.

APIs its the very heart of Vivocha and is one of its most distinctive and valuable assets. The APIs are what give Vivocha the ability to allow any kind of integration and mash-up.

Through the APIs, Vivocha users can, for instance:

Fully customize, or even rewrite, each user interface element.

— Create custom proactive rules, leveraging third party tools and platforms to take proactive decisions.

— Integrate Vivocha in mobile sites and apps or enrich advertising campaigns.

— Use Case

How we boost the impact of Customer Engagement

Over 200 Enterprise customers are currently using Vivocha. These customers come from different sectors, including banking, insurance, utilities, telecommunications and retail.

Vivocha platform fits different use cases:

— Remote Advisory Service

Provide a face-to-face like interaction through a video chat with an expert consultant.

— Digital Onboarding

Create a digital customer account through video recognition and form-sharing.

— Appointment Scheduler

Let your customer planning his appointment with a consultant, reorganise it and send them automatic reminders.

— Results

Vivocha brings real results in complex situations

The adoption of Vivocha has a positive and measurable impact on multiple aspects of business processes. Among them:

Improvement of the customer journey.

Reduction of the abandonment rate.

Increase in the possibilities of cross and up selling and in the production efficiency of customer care, combined with the reduction of customer management costs.

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