Pre-Selection Process

1️⃣ Pre-selection will involve technology investors, accelerators, incubators and Covisian network of clients to create a list of candidates.

2️⃣ Candidates can be startups active in technologies with potential impact on the customer management sector (AI and data analysis, digital engagement, CTI, data analysis, natural language, RPA, voice recognition, security, skill management, etc.)

3️⃣ Candidates are companies operating in the following markets: Italy, Spain, Latin America, France, UK, Central & Eastern Europe.

4️⃣ Candidates pre-selection will be based on: company profile, management interviews, solution demos & simulations, company site visit, etc.


The MNLP Accelerating Innovation program invites to participate innovative companies and startups.

The accelerator gives the opportunity to meet key decision makers at the leading European Corporations, looking for innovative CRM and Customer Experience solutions.

The accepted companies will have access to a variety of events within the next 6 months.