The “Contigo Todo es Mejor Awards” are an initiative of GSS (Covisian Spain) to reward the beset agewnts, vice teamleaders, teamleaders and SMDs in Spain.

“Contigo Todo es Mejor” is an initiative promoted by Covisian Spain to guarantee the closeness of the organization with its collaborators. For this, the HR department created a direct communication channel available to all its workers through WhatsApp,as well as a portal for direct access to information and forums. During the pandemic, the organization has been closer to all the company’s employees through a series of humorous videos about the pandemic, laughter therapy sessions, webinars, videos and training on stress management, relaxation and keys to healthy teleworking.

Additionally, GSS Grupo Covisian organized “Thanks for a Great Job” an international initiative where our colleagues from Peru, Colombia and Spain were able to show through original audivisual formats, the reasons for which they gave thanks in their lives. Now the HR department of GSS in Spain surprises us with new initiative that aims to recognize the best talents in their oprational area , based on their qualities, their performance, and the assessments of their colleagues.

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