The Covisian Group, leader in business process outsourcing services and innovative contact center solutions, supports as technical sponsor the international artist Sabrina Rocca in the exhibition entitled “Go Goals Together”, present until July 17 with her own exhibition at the UN Campus in the city of Turin.

Through his works, the artist addresses the theme of Sustainable Development Goals, the 17 interconnected objectives defined by the UN in the 2030 Agenda to lay the foundations for a better and more sustainable future for all.

Sabrina Rocca is an important Italian painter whose work is centered on social commitment and pop culture. Her paintings have been exhibited in important Italian art galleries, including the Gas Gallery in Turin and the Home Gallery in Ferrara. The protagonists of his works are children, which is the best representation of the driving force towards the future. Through simple and – precisely for this – universal gestures, the children in these works praise the fight against poverty and war conflicts, the achievement of quality education, the achievement of gender equality and social justice in general and the safeguarding of the planet with an enchanted, innocent, disarming gaze.

Smarter Together“, the work of art created ad hoc by Sabrina Rocca for the Covisian Group, will also be present at the exhibition. The image represents two children holding our planet in their hands, from which emerge, in a symbolic way, the two priorities that the health emergency has placed before us: the importance of sustainability and digital. In fact, since 2007, the year in which Sabrina Rocca designed the first work with the name “Think without limits“, the Group has expressed its values ​​through various creations: such as “Peace” in 2016, “Inoltre non Invece” in 2017, to affirm the importance of people to the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, “Stronger Together” when the GSS Group joined Covisian in 2019, and “Make no little plans“, to highlight a key step in the development of the company, namely the opening of a new office in Latin America (GSS Colombia).

A solid and lasting collaboration, therefore, between the Covisian Group and the artist, who share a wide spectrum of values and who, thanks to the talents and sensitive gaze of Sabrina Rocca, find a way to tell them through art.

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