Vivocha is among the winners of theBuild-an-Agent Contest Google’s Business Messages for the best demo section for an innovative experience.

The contest organized by Google represented an opportunity to show what the company is able to create using Business Messages, getting involved with innovation and creativity and at the same time enhancing the functionality of the platform, which allows companies to learn and build new processes through technology, influencing the roadmap and offering its customers an updated messaging experience through Google Search, Google Maps and other brand-owned channels.

Business Messages helps brands interact with their customers through an instant dialogue experience and improves customer care with advanced features such as carousels and photos, allowing companies to broaden the conversation to increase loyalty, purchases, planning and upsell.

Vivocha, a technology company of the Covisian Group – international leader in BPO services, manages and develops innovative and cutting-edge digital solutions with the aim of offering customers personalized advice and ways to optimize and improve communication with end customers on all channels.

By including Google’s Business Messages, Vivocha has the possibility to extend the potential of the platform, expanding the channels of entry to customer support for customers. Thanks to Google’s Business Messages, people can easily connect with an agent via chat directly from Google Maps. The demo created illustrates the full potential of the integration of the Google messaging platform with the Vivocha platform, showing both the strengths of an interaction with live agents, and the power of Vivocha tools for building automatic interaction flows or managed by chatbots.

The new integration makes it possible to make customer searches “Actionable” by introducing a real-time contact channel in the discovery phases. Vivocha integrated with Google’s Business Messages allows you to accelerate the digital journey of customers from a phygital perspective, offering support directly in Google Maps. With the support of an operator or through ChatBOT it will be possible to interact with brands on one of the platforms most used by customers.

“We are happy to have won this award, which testifies how at Vivocha we are always ready to work with new tools to implement customer management strategies. The novelty does not scare us, on the contrary it stimulates us to look for new ways to guide the sector towards the future. The award received by Google following participation in the contest certainly represents a recognition of the quality of the integration of Google’s Business Messages with the Vivocha platform and of the product offered to improve the customer service of the brands.” Antonio Pintus, said Vivocha’s Channels & Interaction Automation Product Owner.