GSS, Covisian’s brand for Iberia and Latin America, reinforces its commitment to diversity and social inclusion by signing the renewal of the Diversity Charter for the biennium 2022-2024.

The project is promoted by the Diversity Foundation, a European entity that deals with issues related to diversity and inclusion, where companies can play a crucial role in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and society at large.

The Charter for Diversity, created as a tool for dissemination in European Union countries, is a document based on shared European principles and values. GSS, which first signed it in 2010, has again confirmed its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, to promote the well-being of its employees and business productivity.

In addition, GSS was one of 35 companies who participated in the signing of the Charter for the 2022-2024 biennium, committing through the manifesto to put into practice the 10 principles on diversity and inclusion, including: raising awareness, building a diverse workforce, promoting inclusion, promoting work-life balance, and considering diversity in all people management policies, among others.