GSS Covisian Group made the official presentation of its new corporate image on November 7 at the Mastio of the Citadella in Turin, Italy. The presentation of “Make no little plans” took place as part of the exhibition “Art for Excellence” that hosted the works of more than 15 large companies willing to show their values and history through art.

Quoting Daniel Burnham, an important urban planner from Chicago who managed to establish the current city with an extremely visionary project at the end of the 19th century, Sabrina Rocca’s work, entitled “Make no little plans” wants to be a message of good wishes and, at the same time, of inspiration. For the artist, the child represented, a metaphor of Covisian, a group in continuous and rapid expansion, reminds us that “we should never stop dreaming, even dreaming so big, to the point of thinking that we could conquer the Moon”. The blue flags on the canvas have been placed especially in the current locations of the company and also in those in the acquisition phase.

Grupo Covisian has had a close relationship with art for many years, seeking to represent its achievements and aspirations creatively. Since 2007, the year in which Sabrina Rocca designed the first piece with the name “Think without limits”, the Group has shown its values ​​through its various creations, such as “Peace” in 2016, “Inoltre Non Invece” in 2017 to clearly mark the importance of human beings with respect to the evolution of artificial intelligence, or “Stronger Together” in the year 2019, to highlight a milestone of great importance, such as the acquisition of a large corporation in Spain (GSS Group), and reinforce the importance of the cultural mix to create a true multinational group.

“Art for Excellence” is an Italian cultural initiative aimed at supporting and advertising a series of successful companies, presenting them in a creative and original way through the unpublished works of Italian and foreign contemporary artists. These are unique pieces inspired by the values, history and peculiarities of each company.

“Creating a dialogue between two seemingly distant worlds, one strongly dedicated to the concrete and the other to creativity, is a stimulating challenge. Art for Excellence creates a synergy between the parties: creative talent, together with the innovative business world, becomes on a tangible subject, with a precise objective, to represent the values ​​of the company.  In the first 4 editions, 75 different companies and numerous talented artists were involved; together they created a collection of works of art admired by an audience of more than 25,000 visitors “- says Sabrina Sottile, creator of the event.

The sample can be visited free of charge at the Mastio della Ciutadella de Torino from November 8 to 24.