Managers from the retail, technology, telco, banking and insurance will train students.

  • It is directed to marketing, customer operations, customer service and customer experience director.
  • Covisian Academy seeks excellence in the customer management sector.

GSS Covisian Group, leader in Spain and Latin America in outsourcing services for business processes and innovative contact center solutions, creates Covisian Academy, the first client management school in Spain, with EOI (Escuela Organización Industrial) as an academic partner.

Following the success of Covisian Academy Italy with more than 350 students and 20 large companies participating in their 4 editions, GSS Covisian Group launches the client management academy in Spain, with the help of the “Escuela de Organización Industrial”, with the aim of creating a community of professionals of the future.

The program, pioneer in Spain, aspires that CRM, operations, marketing and digital professionals (who have a relevant role in strategic and operational projects for customer management), make intelligent use of consumer information and acquire new skills to adapt to the new challenges of customer management.

“Leading the new customer management”

The first course of Covisian Academy Spain, “Leading the new customer management”, which starts on May 7 and lasts for two months, aims to disseminate and teach new cutting-edge skills and technologies that drive the customer management sector towards high value services.

The program, which will include the participation of executives of large national and international companies (example: Google Head of Industries, Amazon Senior Product Manager, Director of Loyalty & ATC of Vodafone and CEO of Savia, among others) will focus on strategies of relationship with customers throughout the life cycle, introducing innovative technologies and methodologies.

According to César López Pérez, CEO of GSS, “at GSS we have decided to launch this initiative in Spain with the aim of promoting the management and customer experience sector towards the most advanced services. The intelligent use of consumer information, the adoption of new skills and the development of new models of collaboration with customers are the alternative to traditional business models that no longer provide profitability. ” In addition, “Covisian Academy will favor both companies and end customers, for excellence in customer management,” confirms the CEO of GSS.

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