GSS Grupo Covisian, and the Fundación Exit have carried out a customer service training program for people at risk of exclusion through the Incorpora social and labor insertion program of the Social Work of “la Caixa“.

The initiative, which is part of the agreement signed last year between the two entities, aims to train people at risk of labor exclusion to be able to fill vacancies that arise in the customer service sector. In short, the program is designed to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities or vulnerable, such as young people at risk of exclusion, victims of gender violence, long term unemployed,etc.

GSS Covisian Group, which currently has more than 25,000 professionals, is looking for inspiring candidates, capable of thinking big and doing more with less and, of course, wanting to learn and grow. The company offers all its professionals a platform for growth and learning that helps develop useful skills for growth within and outside the company.

According to César López, CEO of GSS Covisian Group in Spain and Latin America, “companies are the first social entities. At GSS Covisian Group we are committed to helping those groups that really need it and this training course is a first pillar to be able to change the lives of those people who need an opportunity and take it ”, confirms López.