The world of Customer Experience is living, perhaps as never before. During the last few months there has been a rapid transformation: the needs of users change daily, digitalization is advancing in every area and the pandemic has introduced new habits, placing the sector in front of unprecedented challenges.

The Luiss Business School’s Executive Program in Customer Experience Management intends to respond to this changing context, with the collaboration of Covisian Group, an international leader in business process outsourcing services and innovative solutions for contact centers, with a program aimed at promoting culture of customer centrality to ensure sustainable commercial results over time.

The path, supported by the Covisian Academy, also present in Spain and South America, is aimed at General Managers and Heads of the Customer Service, Marketing, Business Development, Innovation, Digital functions and provides fundamental skills and tools for any organization that aspires to become “customer-centric” through a real understanding of the consumer and the variables that influence his experience in the multiple interactions with the company.

Antonio Turroni, CEO Covisian,“Covisian Group for several years now promotes a path of innovation in customer management. The Academy is an international initiative to promote the exchange of ideas and new approaches in customer management, relying on training to drive the digital transformation of the sector through collaborations with leading business schools”.

“Enzo Peruffo, Associate Dean for Education Luiss Business School, “The pandemic has radically changed consumer habits and redesigned the dynamics of the sectors and the ways to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage. In this scenario, the Customer Experience plays a role of increasing importance, riding on the trends of omnichannel and phygital, to ensure a safe and fluid involvement of the consumer and to obtain seamles experiences. These are some of the in-depth contents within the new edition of our executive Program in Customer Experience.”

Today, the intelligent use of data is essential to deliver a valuable service to end users while delivering better results for businesses. This is an epochal change that requires the affirmation of new skills and professionalism: from the development of a “Customer-centric” corporate culture to customer knowledge, passing from the ability to interpret data, metrics, insights and ROI, using new tools and technologies available.