The master is about:

  • Privacy, electronic communications and the Internet.
  • Data processing and Marketing.

Sharing some of the experiences of Covisian Group in the management of challenges with respect to the right of privacy and the protection of personal data were described, with an analysis of the “cases” and the solutions.

The Master is already a part of the program portfolio of ILSOLE24ORE FORMAZIONE for 2021. It aims to train a specialist profile of Data Protection Officer, who is a reference figure in the filed of personal data protection. The program is aimed at executives who hold roles in Privacy Manager, Data Protection Officer, It Manager, Security Manager, Compliance Officer, etc.

This Master aims to strengthen the link between the University and the work field, training professionals with legal, managerial, risk management and process analysis skills, whose main responsiblity is to manage the processing of personal data in compliance with national and European privacy regulations.