• The award recognizes the excellence in customer relationship, both for companies and individuals
  • GSS (Covisian Group) receives an award for a customer management model focused on Vodafone’s advanced business KPIs
  • The implemented customer service model reduces the number of customer calls by 20%

GSS Grupo Covisian, leader in Spain and LatAm in business process outsourcing services and innovative contact center solutions has been recognised with the Platinum Contact Center Award for Best B2B Customer Strategy for the second consecutive year.

The Platinum Contact Center Awards, organized by Contact Center Hub, recognize the good work of customer service and experience in the Spanish industry. In addition, the category “Best B2B Customer Strategy” rewards the application of knowledge and creativity of the people of the organization in the definition and implementation of processes to improve the customer experience.

The work of GSS Covisian Group and Vodafone has been recognized for being a model of customer service (both for companies and individuals) totally differentiating in the industry. Both companies share a common DNA, offering a personalized and integrated customer service, with the highest levels of quality. This is achieved through a different organization of management teams (specialized for the needs of the end customer) and an innovative treatment of the customer database.

In addition, the customer service model implemented by the two companies has helped to reduce 20% of calls. The so-called “one-stop shop” implies that the same agent who answers the first call is responsible for resolving the customer’s query from start to finish. Such comprehensive management implies an agent profile with significant capabilities and technological support that empowers them to achieve maximum value in the interaction. For this, GSS Covisian Group has incorporated artificial intelligence and big data into the processes, thanks to its Sparta AI technology. The result is a more decisive customer service that directly impacts customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

César López, CEO of GSS Covisian Group, thanked Vodafone for the trust placed in GSS Covisian Group to execute this pioneering customer service model. “The integration of Vodafone technology with Sparta AI, GSS Grupo Covisian’s own technology, has allowed us to achieve a unique model in the market, which fully aligns the operational KPIs with the vital KPIs in Vodafone’s income statement”.

María Babé, Head of Service and Sales Platforms at Vodafone, highlighted that “Hand in hand with GSS, Vodafone has implemented a unique and innovative model in the market, based on personalization and understanding of what customers need in every moment. This award is the recognition of a successful strategy focused on delivering the best customer experience ”.