Turn your agents into CX Professionals. Humans and AI team up to improve CX.

"Beyond not Instead"


Imagine a world where PEOPLE focus on Customer eXperience and AI does the hard and repetitive job.


Imagine the evolution of CX operations in the near future: humans and AI teaming up to give the best possible service to your customers.


We are have developed the first multi-channel solution that can help you to manage your customers with mixed Human AI teams, as efficiently as possible.


Evolve with the market and let us continue improving your solutions as your needs grow. We learn, and our AI technologies also learn!

We use advanced Large Language Models (LLMs)

Use all the latest and most advanced LLMs models in order to make the iteration between the client and the AI as effective as possible.

Generate SMILES!

Turn your agents into CX Professionals

Achieve efficiency while excelling at CX. Get each agent to manage more than one client at the same time, but working together with a conversational AI. The human will focus on the empathic part of customer management as well as controlling the repetitive tasks handled by the bot in the background.

Set it up regardless of your legacy CTI

NotOnlyBot allows you to work independently from your CTI. It integrates with our Smile.CX INTERACTIONS solution.

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