• The multinational pays tribute to its more than 20,000 employees and creates a slogan that enhances the unity of the corporation
  • The image is the work of international artist Sabrina Rocca

Covisian Group, leader in business process outsourcing services and innovative contact center solutions, launches its new corporate image “Smarter Together“, the work of international artist Sabrina Rocca.

The claim and the artist’s work express a message of courage and resilience, simultaneously highlighting the philosophy of the company and the desire to offer recognition to its more than 20,000 collaborators in a particular and difficult moment like the one we are experiencing.

The image represents two children who hold our planet in their hands, from which emerge, symbolically, the two priorities made visible during the health emergency: the importance of sustainability and digital. The extensive use of smart work has made it necessary for the Group to design this new claim, to affirm the value of unity and proximity with and among its collaborators, even when we are working remotely.

It is not the first time that Covisian Group has relied on art to creatively translate its goals, achievements and ambitions. Since 2007, the year in which Sabrina Rocca designed the first work under the name “Think without limits“, the Group has expressed its values ​​through various creations: such as “Peace” in 2016, “Inoltre non invece” in 2017, to affirming the importance of people to the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, “Stronger Together” when Grupo GSS joined Covisian in 2019, and “Make No Little Plans”, to highlight a key step in the development of the company with the opening of a new location in Latin America (GSS Colombia), underscoring the importance of integration in bringing a true multicultural group to life.

Sabrina Rocca is a leading Italian painter whose work focuses on social engagement and pop culture. Her paintings have been exhibited in important Italian art galleries, such as the Gas Gallery in Turin and the Home Gallery in Ferrara.

Antonio Turroni, CEO of Covisian Group, stated that “our more than 20,000 employees represent the beating heart of the Group and with this new claim we want to thank them for the way they have carried out their work in recent months and remind them that together, even from a distance, we are stronger, smarter and we can face the difficulties of this complex moment. Without a doubt, it reflects the need to thank our collaborators for the effort they have made in these difficult times. “