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Smile.CX PRO will revolutionize the Customer Experience market


Covisian, the high-tech multinational specialized in the provision of technological services and products for Customer eXperience, launched Smile CX PRO, a patented service that allows the balance between people and technology, to achieve an agile, efficient and pleasant experience for the end user. .

“With Smile CX PRO, AI powered by humans, we continue to be at the forefront of the market by offering revolutionary customer experience solutions. Strengthened by our 25 years of experience, today we are capable, thanks to new technologies, of integrating generative AI with the work of our people, creating economic value and quality of life for our clients and for the universe of their users to whom we serve. “We serve at a rate of more than one million daily interactions,” said César López, President of Covisian Iberia and Latam.

Unlike current models in which the first interaction with the client is automated, Smile CX PRO turns this process around so that the first approach is through the attention of an operator who functions as an “orchestrator” of Generative AI, always at the center, and in control of all conversations, maximizing the effectiveness of AI to improve the customer experience.

In this way, each client will be able to speak immediately with a professional capable of taking care of their problem without waiting, while artificial intelligence can only be useful in a way that is compatible with the specific request and need for each case.

And, according to César López, President of Covisian Iberia and Latam, Artificial Intelligence in the end is just another technology and “it is not about automating”, the important thing is to understand the processes very well to know how to implement it and thus achieve a positive impact on customer experience and company efficiency.

“Our management model tries to enhance the unique capabilities that only a human can offer, such as empathy and emotions, and make their work more efficient through the help of a vocal or written assistant.” the manager indicated.

Smile CX PRO goes against the grain of everything that is being done today in this sector and leaves aside the idea of automating at the expense of the consequences it may have for the customer experience. The customer experience improves because AI helps the human, and the human can delegate some parts of the work to the technology.

The multinational has operated in the customer service sector for more than twenty-five years, managing with 23,000 employees the clients of the 250 largest brands in the banking, energy, telephone and retail sectors in seven countries.

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