The participants, young professionals of Customer Care in different sectors, received a diploma signed by the Politecnico di Milano (MIP), the Covisian Academy, and by the Project Management Lab. Said diploma certifies their acquired skills in new innovative models of customer management, analysis, execution and agile methodologies for project development.

At Covisian Group we believe in a different way of being a BPO partner. Our main objective is to build competencies, implement innovation and encourage experimentation. The Covisian Academy, the first customer management academy in Italy, has been created together with partners  with great experience in Customer Management, in collaboration with the MIP- Politecnico di Milano.

The newly certified students of the CIM program have acquired knowledge in the implementation of innovation projects on every industry with the objective of learning the principles and models of management of innovation strategies in the field of Customer Management, with focus in aspects related to digital innovation. They have also learned how to create a system and enhance their organizational competences and methodologies necessary to carry out an innovation project oriented to client management.

The Covisian Academy’s students, members of the middle management of the main insurance, banking, and telco companies in the country also shared their experience and knowledge during the workshop sessions.

From the end of september, the Covisian Academy will continue its activity with two programs: the Customer Management Leaders Masterclass and the Credit Management.