The works are part of the “Go Goals Together” exhibition signed by Sabrina Rocca which will be held from 5 to 16 December in New York

Smarter together” and “Go Goals Together” are two paintings of the Covisian’s collection exhibited at the United Nations Building. Both works will be part of the “Go Goals Together” exhibition signed by Sabrina Rocca to be held at UN Palace from 5 to 16 December 2022.

The presence of these two works of the Covisian collection in the exhibition at the UN Palace is a great source of pride for uscomments Gabriele Moretti, founder and President of the Group The choice of transmitting corporate values ​​through the works of Sabrina Rocca is the testimony of the union, of which Covisian is a clear representation, between technology and art. A new and dynamic language. A new way to talk about technology through a totally innovative expressive code for the sector but, for this very reason, extremely effective “.

The artistic collaboration between Covisian and Sabrina Rocca dates back to 2007, the year in which the artist created the first canvas of the Covisian “Think without limits” collection. Since then, the Group has enunciated its values ​​through several of its works, including “Peace” and “Make no Little Plans“, an expressive path reconfirmed by the new work created for the Group “Beyond not instead” dedicated in particular to the world of the metaverse.

Beyond not instead visually interprets Covisian’s idea of ​​technology: man as the protagonist of the new digital dimension and not a passive subject” comments the founder and President of Covisian Gabriele Moretti Technologies such as the metaverse, machine learning algorithms and deep learning do not replace people but supports them, leading them to understand where they can improve. This is a fundamental help for man. It is on this principle that our motto “Beyond not instead” is based” .

We must not lose sight of the importance of human relationships in the real world – comments Sabrina RoccaWith “Beyond not instead” I want to remind about how technologies such as the Metaverse integrate but do not replace reality. We must pay attention to the role we give them and above all not to confuse the importance of real life experiences with technological surrogates“.

The “Go Goals Together” exhibition held in New York follows the success of the exhibition in 2021 at the United Nations Campus in Turin, also sponsored by the Covisian Group. The fil rouge of the exhibition is sustainability expressed through 17 works that represent the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the 2030 Agenda. Sabrina Rocca’s paintings accompany visitors on a journey in which subjects interact with the Goals. In some cases, the spectator’s reactions are triggered by emotional cues, in others they are led to reflect on the solutions that each individual could adopt as a contribution to achieving the Objective in question, all as part of a collective commitment.