Smarter together: a new approach to customer care

News ∙ 21/04/2022
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Covisian: 25 years of customer care, from the traditional contact center to the metaverse

News ∙ 21/04/2022

Change at the top of the Covisian Group: at the top the founder Gabriele Moretti

News ∙ 09/02/2022

Covisian Credit Management among the Italian excellences at the 6th edition of Credit Management & Collection Awards.

News ∙ 19/01/2022

GSS Grupo Covisian brings joy to children of the MAMIS program

News ∙ 14/01/2022

GSS (Covisian Group) and the Menudos Corazones Foundation distribute 3,000 Disney books to children for Christmas

News ∙ 17/12/2021

Spanish retailers are at the same level of the Italian luxury brands in user shopping experience

News ∙ 16/12/2021

GSS Covisian Group trains people at risk of exclusion in the field of customer care, as part of the Incorpora program of “la Caixa”

News ∙ 30/11/2021

GSS Covisian Group wins the Customer Relationship Excellence Award in the “Customer Care in Digital Channels” and “Debt Collection” categories

News ∙ 25/11/2021

Covisian Group launches the second edition of the “Make No little Plans: Accelerating Innovation” program

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