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Covisian presents the new technological platform that with human-to-human AI designs the customer experience of the future


Covisian presented Smile CX, the revolutionary platform that uses artificial intelligence to offer immersive, cutting-edge and high-level customer experiences thanks to holograms, 3D customer experiences, hyper-realistic gpt avatars and haptic suits equipped with sensors.

Through the new platform, Covisian improves and simplifies the quality of the work of client companies and organizations significantly, offering millions of users a service built around the experience of a smile and customer satisfaction.

“With Covisian’s Smile CX Platform we are ahead of the curve to offer revolutionary customer experience solutions”-comments the President and Founder of Covisian Gabriele Moretti which continues  – “supported by our 25 years of experience, we are now able, thanks to new technologies, to integrate generative AI with the work of our people, creating economic value and quality of life for our clients and for the universe of their customers which we serve at the rate of over 1 million interactions per day.”

“Our essence is contained in three simple words that summarize our corporate philosophy, our commercial approach and our operating model: Tech. People. Smiles. These are the pillars to create an easier world for our collaborators, customers and users: our reason for being and growing as a company”, added Moretti.

An AI aimed at generating efficiencies without eliminating the fundamental role of humans. A model developed by Covisian that is human to human because it is based on the strength and ability of the Group’s over 23,000 collaborators and because it has the ambition of implementing the use of AI at the service of people and businesses for a broad and widespread generation of value.

The presentation of the Smile CX platform took place in the new Customer Experience Innovation Lab which Covisian has just inaugurated in Turin where, it has been exhibited for the occasion, the Snow Crash manuscript, visionary work by Neal Stephenson of 1992, within which the term “metaverse” was coined, anticipating its scenarios and applications.

Written and published for the first time in 1992, Snow Crash was included by American critics Lev Grossman and Richard Lacayo of Time Magazine among the 100 best novels of all time written in English since 1923 and brought Stephenson, “the man who saw the future” as many have defined him, to worldwide fame.

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast host David Barr Kirtley said he made a list of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who cited Snow Crash as a muse he then added: “But I stopped, because everyone had done it”.

The manuscript was acquired by Covisian during the Sotheby’s “Infocalypse” auction which was held in March in New York, on the occasion of the work’s thirtieth anniversary.

“Having managed to win such a representative object is a source of great pride for us. It is the manuscript of a globally symbolic work for anyone involved in digital technology –commented Gabriele Moretti – and will be a constant source of inspiration for us to look to the future and constantly innovate.”

The Snow Crash manuscript has become part of Covisian’s collection of artistic works, continuing what is now a consolidated tradition of cultural investments with a strong symbolic value.

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