A new concept of CX Operation

smile.cx PRO a new concept of CX operation

A unique set of services that enhance human intelligence and empathy through the efficiency of AI, ensuring an excellent Customer eXperience and operations management.

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Covisian services cx.pro

Covisian’s vision to revolutionize customer management is the combination of human intelligence and generative artificial intelligence.

Covisian human to human

What are the advantages of our smile cx pro services?

Impact on CX


Reaction time



Standard AI approach

Lacks empathy and human attention to the customer's problem and their CX

Percentage limited by
predefined rules/routing

Predefined, without
human control

limited efficiency

Risk of hallucinations

Our smile.cx

The CX Pro continuously monitors CX and Business KPIs

Opportunities on
100% of interactions

CX efficiency lever

Continuously monitored
and customizable

Always controlled

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Differentiating elements of our Voicebot

Immediate response from
an operator

An operator can always answer the call on the first call and decide whether to involve AI after understanding the reason for the call.

Every automated call is overseen by a human

The operator oversees all calls and decides in real time whether to intervene in conversations to maximize the CX of each individual customer.

New way
of working

The agent becomes a true CX Pro, focused on business KPIs and the CX of each customer.

Multi Skilled operators

The platform enables the multi skill concept; the operator becomes an orchestrator of highly specialized bots for the specific process to be automated.

Increasing service efficiency

The introduction of AI into the conversation allows for managing multiple conversations in parallel and reducing conversation times.

This allows choosing whether to use efficiency for cost reduction or improving service levels.

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Other AI features of Smile.CX

AI suggests specific actions to the operator based on the conversation’s intent.


AI suggests specific actions to the operator based on the conversation’s intent.


The AI’s summarization function gives the operator awareness of conversations happening in parallel with different customers.


The AI not only responds to questions based on a knowledge base but also automates parts of the customer interaction.


The AI is capable of verifying the adherence of the conversation between the customer and the operator to a specific script.

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The command center

Performance indicator


Revenues per hour


Contacts per hour


Cost per contact

Customer Experience


Net Promoter Score


Average handling time in seconds


Customer satisfaction index

Artificial Intelligence

% Blending

Average number of human participation

% Full Human

Pecentage of call 100% with agent

% Full AI

Percentage of calls with full AI

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