The APCC Conference was held in Porto (Portugal) on October 26th, two years after the pandemic. The main theme of the event was “The Contact Center Industry in Portugal: Plunging into the Future- Nearshoring and Modernity”. Fabio Sattolo, Group CTO & Head of Sparta at Covisian focused on the latter part, by presenting Covisian’s innovative Avatar Customer Care service.

“The Metaverse allows you to overcome physical limitations and create highly immersive environments and experiences built on the needs of each customer” pointed out Sattolo, “Offering customer support and product/service sales support creates comprehensive and inclusive user experiences”.

During the presentation, the public learned about the strategies performed by some main brands in the Metaverse, such as Visa, MasterCard, HSBC, American Express, Nike or Gucci, amongst others, as well as the main platforms that can be used for this purpose (Decentraland, The Sandbox, Horizon World, Roblox or Spatial).

Covisian Avatar Customer Service

“One of the greatest things about Covisian’s Avatar Customer Care service is that it is completely flexible. We can integrate our customer care service into any of the already existing platforms, or create a new one, in case that the brand has not developed one yet” explained Sattolo.

Enabled by a technology proprietary of Covisian Group called Vivocha, this pioneering service allows to have avatars managed by a contact center operator, which can give assistance, advice, or cross-sell in any chosen virtual space.

“At Covisian Group we envision the Metaverse as an additional channel of contact with customers that will complete our omnichannel portfolio of customer care services. From the integrated multichannel point of view, Covisian guarantees the same level of efficiency and quality in every single channel thanks to our robust operational processes abilitated by proprietary technology”, said Andrea Fileccia, Group Head of Service Offering Design at Covisian.

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