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We are an international group of more than 23.000 people, offering advanced customer management services and cutting-edge technologies. We work in over 38 locations across six countries, serving over 150 clients globally.

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Full line of Customer Management Services

We cover a full line of Customer Management Services across the whole customer experience.

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“Smarter together” and “Go Goals together” the two works from the Covisian Collection on display at the United Nations Building in New York

News ∙ 11/11/2022

Covisian invited as jury in the “John McCarthy” Research Award

News ∙ 10/11/2022

Fabio Sattolo, presents a pioneering Avatar Customer Care service at the APCC conference in Portugal

News ∙ 27/10/2022

Covisian Group joins forces with MIT to train its directors and collaborators in Digital Transformation

News ∙ 20/10/2022
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