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Covisian revolutionizes customer service with “Avatar GPT”


Cometa, a Covisian Group company, unites GPT artificial intelligence with the metaverse to become the first company in the industry to offer customer service in the metaverse.

Covisian Group launches “Avatar GPT”, a cutting-edge service that will revolutionize the customer service sector and the development of immersive Extended Reality experiences for the Metaverse.

Covisian is the first company in the sector to offer customer service in the metaverse. Thus, its “Avatar Customer Care” allows operators to interact with customers through avatars that can realistically replicate their facial expressions and body movements. In short, it offers customers an interactive and immersive experience that improves communication and allows a quick and personalized response to their needs.

With the launch of “Avatar GPT”, a virtual assistant based on Chat GPT’s artificial intelligence, it is possible to understand the questions and needs of users and provide more accurate and timely answers, thanks to its possibility of continuous learning.

According to Andrea Fileccia, CEO of Cometa, a company specialized in carrying out projects in the Metaverse, Virtual, Augmented and Extended Reality and belonging to the Covisian Group, “we are going to transform the way in which companies connect with their customers. We offer an attractive and personalized experience through Avatars managed by specialized Covisian operators, combined with custom-trained artificial intelligence. We are excited to see how these innovative technologies will revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audiences.”

These services represent a revolution in customer service and will allow companies to improve their operational efficiency, optimize the customer experience and increase overall satisfaction.

Applications with Avatar Customer Care

Among the clients that have started a project with Cometa is the multinational Enel with the Electrified House project. It is a virtual environment in which users can install photovoltaic panels, car charging stations, boilers and energy storage systems to test, before buying, the value that an electrified house can offer them in terms of economic benefits, improvement of your property and less impact on the environment.

Another application in which Avatar Customer Care has been used is with the Italian company Chiusano XR Space, for which a metaverse dedicated to the real estate sector was created in which the user can live the immersive experience of a 360° property and perform guided tours, always with real estate agents, but remotely and in an Avatar version, without having to leave home. In this way you can see it as many times as you want and with whoever you want.

Cometa’s DNA is also made up of Covisian’s customer management experience, which, with its 24,000 operators in Europe and Latin America, provides services every day to the customers of more than 200 multinationals. This know-how has allowed us to imagine and develop these two innovative services.

“Cometa will continue to invest in the research and development of new technologies to keep up with the evolution of the sector and offer cutting-edge solutions to its customers,” says Andrea Fileccia.

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