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AVATAR CUSTOMER CARE  - Pioneering XR, VR, and the Metaverse with cutting-edge generative AI.

Extend your digital presence into three-dimensional environments where users can interact, collaborate and share experiences in real time - an advanced customer service using a hyper-realistic avatar, driven by generative AI to interact with users both verbally and via chat.

This solution can answer customer questions and interact with external databases and systems, such as CRM or payment systems, accessible via website, mobile applications, multimedia totems, extended and virtual reality platforms and  offers the ability to create customized virtual worlds or leverage public platforms for the Metaverse.

Avatar Customer Care is at the forefront of digital trends, delivering personalized immersive experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Product benefits

Engagement and entertainment

Create immersive content and experiences to engage and entertain users in unique ways.

Quality and lead generation

Use interactive experiences to identify and qualify customers.

Customer care experience

Deliver advanced and personalized customer care to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Features

Create customized virtual worlds or leverage public platforms for the Metaverse.

Immersive extended reality (XR) experiences compatible with industry-leading devices such as Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest.

Sales and Presales

Interactive promotion and sales of products or services through presentation and promotion in virtual or XR environments.

Learning and Education

Deliver training and education through advanced and experiential methods, leveraging the potential of digital immersion.

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