CX Gaia

Elevating Conversations with Cutting-Edge Conversational BOT Technology.

Engage your customers in natural, empathetic dialogues with our market-leading NLU technology, enhanced by proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs). Understand the specific needs and preferences of every single client, proactively offering the right channel at the right time. We analyze human answers to extract the most representative topics and related questions and answers.

Covisian provides a solution that answers, calls and chats with your customers. It qualifies leads and automates repetitive processes, significantly reducing costs. All interactions are driven by the Human Experience, empathic to the user and adaptable over time.

Product benefits

AI Automation with a human touch

Balance AI automation and the human touch. An Intelligent Virtual Agent that calls, answers and chats with your customers.

Automate 24/7 service

Contact your customers by phone, text messages, WhatsApp, email, and more. Answer or call your customers 24/7, establishing effective communication with its sophisticated conversational technology.


Deflect common inquiries by leveraging your Knowledge Base content when customers reach out FAQ pages or in App widgets.

Key Features

Automates repetitive processes, reducing costs

Qualifies leads, for integrated management of all channels

Extended service hours.

Reduce the number of Customer calls.

Increase First-Call Resolution reducing the need for escalation and complex workflow.

Increase Self-Service usage and retention on Online channels.

Functional specifications

CX Gaia is part of the Smile CX Interactions suite by Covisian, a next-generation Customer Engagement Platform that makes every customer interaction and the entire contact center smarter via seamless Human and AI integration.

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