The groundbreaking approach to revolutionize customer management.

In the age of cutting-edge technology, companies face a dilemma: Shift toward technology-driven interactions - sacrificing the human touch in favor of efficiency - or strike for the perfect balance?

Covisian offers a groundbreaking approach to revolutionize customer management by blending human expertise with generative artificial intelligence. This innovative solution not only amplifies human intelligence and empathy but also harnesses the efficiency of AI, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences. Agents monitor real-time customer interactions and AI utilization from a central command center, empowering them to orchestrate specialized bots for streamlined processes. This transformative approach redefines the role of agents as CX Pros, focusing on business KPIs and delivering personalized experiences to each customer.

Product benefits

Immediate response from an agent

An agent can always answer on the first ring and decide whether to involve AI after understanding the reason for the call.

Each automated call is manned by a human

The agent presides over all calls and decides in real time whether to intervene in conversations to maximize every customer's CX.

Increase service efficiency

Introducing AI into the conversation allows multiple conversations to be handled in parallel and reduce conversation time.

Key Features


AI suggests specific actions to the agent based on the intent of the conversation.

Real-time summary

The AI's summary function gives the agent awareness of dialogues initiated in parallel with different customers.

Info provider & Action executor

The AI not only answers questions based on a knowledge base, but is also able to automate parts of the customer interaction.


The AI is able to check the adherence of the conversation between customer and agent to a given script.

Functional specifications

Smile.CX Pro is a cloud-based software accessed via any web browser, eliminating the need for PC installation. Enjoy the same intuitive user interface as the entire Covisian product suite, ensuring seamless navigation and user experience.

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